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I’m very excited that you made a decision to partner with me in my Network Marketing business.
I’ve been in the network marketing profession for just over 20 years and began Internet Marketing August 10th 2001. (some consider me a pioneer others just consider me old)

So, why did I tell you that.

A) Because I think it is very important “WHO” you align yourself with.

B) Credibility means everything.

C) Life is short, make sure you are learning from someone who actually has a documented proven record of success.

I personally have generated over 1 million leads and took one of my Internet companies to over $20,000,000 dollars. I have generated many more leads, sales and revenue for many of my clients and team members and I can teach and help you as well

Aligning With The Right Company Is Vital

In the same way that you need to do your due diligence, I have done the same thing with the companies that I choose to align myself with.  I am pretty picky and I won’t just work with any network marketing company. (Neither should you) The company that I am currently building and that you would be, should you choose to join me met my criteria of a company worthy of my/our time, effort, resources and energy. Here are a few bullet points.

1 – This company has generated OVER $6 BILLION Dollars In Sales and has a very lucrative pay plan that has paid out OVER $3 BILLION Dollars. I hope I have your attention!

2 – This Company currently operates in 30 Countries and has a 2 year plan for expansion into 12 more countries.

3 – This Company ”GETS” social marketing.  They even hired a team that is arguably the BEST social media marketers and branders on the entire internet. (You will be shocked to know the brands and marketing they represent)

4 – This Company created the first “Give and Get” platform in the network marketing industry and our customers actually are our biggest fans. The network marketing industry is known for having an average of 3 customers per rep.  We average over 20. That is HUGE , especially as it relates to your income.

5 – This Company owns all of it own manufacturing facilities and we are responsible from sourcing of the ingredients to delivery of products to you and your customers front door. Since we own our own facilities we literally have NO middleman and our retail prices are competitive with store brands.  NOT big mark ups to pay commissions.  This means your customers keep ordering because they get guaranteed clean products, conveniently delivered to their door and the price is the same or less than they would pay for comparable products in the store. This is a TOTAL win and a true market advantage.

As you can see, these are  5 incredible points and that is really just the beginning. It is crucial that we can be proud of the network marketing company we represent and this company will make you proud.

Who Do I Want To Work With?

I’m a pretty easy going guy who likes to have FUN! However, my work ethic is FULL THROTTLE and I do NOT want to work with anyone that doesn’t have a burning desire to WIN and create success.  I do NOT care about what has or hasn’t worked for you in the past, if you are willing to learn and apply what we teach,  together we can do GREAT things. Your word is the most important asset you have and if you always keep your word and get up everyday ready to work and implement the proven success system we have put in place, I give you MY WORD that we will not give up on you and we will help you have success. (However you define it)
If this sounds like you….Sweeeet!
I’m looking for people who are:

* Fun


*Team Player


*Coach able

*Doesn’t whine and make excuses

Is that YOU?

If yes, you will be partnering with the fastest growing team in the entire company and we have a full time team of support dedicated to YOU.  This is not a game to us (But it is FUN) and if you are serious about changing your lifestyle and bank balance then fill out the application below so I can personally call you and give you the details so you can make an informed decision.
It’s your turn to be our next SUCCESS STORY…

Please fill out the form below. You will receive an email from Aaron with a due diligence report on his network marketing opportunity. In addition, Aaron will call you within 36 hours..

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