Take the Leap

Taking that bold step into the world of business, where dreams become reality!


You know I've been asked numerous times, how I managed to build my company and the truth is there's no magic formula. You just got to pull the trigger and go for it. I mean think about it,  how many times have we hesitated, over analyzed or over prepared and ended up missing out on opportunities. Too many to count right. Well life my friends is too short to be paralyzed by indecision. Every great journey, every innovative idea starts with that single step. And yeah it's scary but here's the secret, no one ever truly feels 100% ready. There's always, and I mean always going to be that voice in your head telling you to wait just a bit longer. Or that you're not good enough, but that's just fear talking. Here's my practical advice, start small, test out your ideas, gather feedback and pivot when necessary. Don't try to perfect everything from the get-go. Failures you'll have them and that's cool. Each one is a lesson learned, a stepping stone to success. Surround yourself with people who support and challenge you and most importantly enjoy the ride. It's your journey after all so the next time you find yourself hesitating, just remember pull the trigger and embrace the adventure. Cheers every one of you making your dreams a reality and remember, success is a CHOICE!




Have you ever thought about the hidden influence of your emotions 😊🥺🤪😡 on your decisions? Our emotional brain is a powerful force, steering us toward risks when we're positive and making us cautious when we're feeling down. It's not about sidelining emotions but understanding them as valuable signals. The goal? Achieve balanced decision-making by recognizing and managing your emotional state.


How do emotions impact decision making? Have you ever impulse bought the candy bar the checkout counter or maybe backed out from a bungee jump last minute? That’s emotions playing their role in decision making. Emotions whether it’s joy, fear or that little flutter of excitement, they our mind's way of going, “Hey, listen up!”. Think of emotions like your car's GPS, they're signals guiding you towards a decision. Have you ever had that feeling in your gut telling you something is off or that thrill nudging you to try something new? That’s your emotional GPS in action. But here's a catch, just like a GPS can sometimes take you down a weird back alley, emotions might not always lead to the best decisions. That's not saying ignore them, instead, recognize them, feel that fear of joy then pause, take a deep breath, ask yourself, “is this emotion helping or hindering my decision?”.

Here's a tip for you, next time you're about to make a decision, big or small, do the 10 10 10 rule. Ask yourself, “how will I feel about this decision in 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years from now?”. It can give you clarity and help balance those emotions. Remember, emotions are part of who we are, they make life colorful. Just make sure you're the driver and they're the GPS, not the other way around!

Stay awesome! Trust yourself. And remember, Success is a CHOICE! (Almost just stumbled over myself!)




Choose focus & consistency over FOMO every time.
Prioritize, and limit distractions for success


FOMO is very real, and what you really need to do is focus. You know, in the age of infinite scrolling and endless notifications, we are constantly bombarded with the next “big thing”, there's a sneaky little sensation called, FOMO, that stands for fear of missing out. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about, we've all been there. What if this new venture is the one, what if I miss out on this trend? I can tell you, sadly, that over the past two to three years I’ve invested in people or projects based on FOMO, and guess what, I'm down a couple hundred grand! (Idiot!) I know better! And how I have always won this thing, focused on what I actually know. Now, what some experts tell me but what I actually know.

When I ignore FOMO and I focus on what I know and I don't get distracted, I win! So, what’s the actual lesson here? True success is not about chasing every shiny object, it's about FOCUS. Imagine your energy is a beam of light, spread it too thin and nothing really shines bright, but focus it like a laser and you can cut through steel! That’s the power of consistency and focus! So, how do we do it? I think there's three simple things:

Number one is prioritize. Write down what's essential for your goals, whether it's building your business, learning a new skill or just keeping up with your favorite show without interruptions. In other words, make it clear.

Number two is limited distractions. This might mean putting your phone on airplane mode for a couple of hours or setting specific times to check social media, maybe even giving yourself a FOMO free day. Trust me, the world will still be there when you come back.

And number three, I would say celebrate. Every win, even the small ones, even the tiniest. Is progress important? Yes! So every night take a moment to acknowledge something you did well.

Remember, it's not about what you might be missing out on, it's about the magic you can create when you truly focus on what's right in front of you - your dreams - they're worth the commitment.

I love and appreciate y’all! And I’m cheering for you to win - and I mean really cheering for you to WIN! Have an amazing day! It’s beautiful here and that's what I'm doing! And remember, Success is a CHOICE!



Truth About Success

Success isn't just about talking the talk, it's about walking the walk.


Hey everybody! You know, one thing I’ve learned from this crazy journey of Entrepreneurship is that a lot of folks will stand up and say, “I'll do whatever it takes to be successful”, but reality, most won't actually walk that talk. Let's take a look at gyms as a simple example, every January they’re packed! New Year's resolutions, right? But come February, March, where's everyone at? Many have gone back to their comfy couches, why? Because change is tough, building that six-pack or that business requires more than just words.

Another example, think about those friends we all have, who are always planning on starting that business; years go by and they're just ideas, still just that - ideas! The truth is, saying you want success is easy it's the doing day in and day out that's hard. It’s pushing through the failures, the rejections, the sleepless nights. That, my friends, is what separates the doers versus the dreamers.

So my advice to you, don't just talk the talk, actually walk it! Make a commitment over motivation. Motivation is fleeting, it's there one day and gone the next, but commitment - that’s what keeps you going. Even when motivation dies, my dad used to tell me, “Commitment is, Aaron, doing what you promise to do long after the mood in which you promise to do it in his past”. (Gulp!) yep, that's one to swallow.

Next, small steps every day. You don’t have to leap, small consistent steps towards your goals, they will compound over time. There's a great book out by Darren Hardy and it's called, “The Compound Effect”, I HIGHLY recommend it.

And then of course, embrace failure. Every setback is a lesson. Instead of avoiding challenges, run towards them, that's where growth actually happens. Look, I get it, this path isn't for everyone and that’s okay! But if you're going to say “you’re all in”, BE ALL IN! The road to success is less crowded, not because it's exclusive, but because few generally choose to treat it consistently. Let's be the FEW who do!

Cheers, my friends, to actually dreaming and actually making them happen! Have an amazing day! And remember, Success it's a CHOICE!


Master Thyself

Mastering yourself is the beginning of all wisdom 🧘‍♂️💫. Embrace self-awareness, cultivate growth, and unlock your fullest potential. The journey starts within!


Master thyself! I think just saying that makes me smarter, MASTER THYSELF! You know, in this crazy journey called life there's one investment that I found and it pays more than any stocks startup, crypto or real estate venture; it's true, and although it may sound mystic and make me sound smarter, it's true - it’s called mastery of self.

Stay with me here and let's break it down. Imagine you're the driver of this super high-tech vehicle, for this analogy it's in reference to let's say your body and mind, but here's the catch, there’s no user manual. Now most of us are going through life on autopilot, we’re swayed by emotions, we're trapped in habits and not getting the most out of life, or showing up every day with an actual plan to win. But what if, just what if, we… you know, took the time to understand the dashboard, tweak some of the settings, maybe even got under the hood once in a while (that’d be tough for me). Imagine what could be possible, this is an area I recently made a conscious decision to focus on and I have told everyone around me my intentions for accountability, purposes - and dang it! It feels good! Hasn't been scary at all, it's been totally amazing!

So here's my practical advice:
Start small, spend just five minutes every day in silence listening to your thoughts, that's your initiation into what I’m going to call, “Self 101”. Over time you’ll find patterns, you'll learn which buttons to push to elevate your mood or which gears the switch to think clearer. Remember, it's not about being perfect, it's about being in tune. The more you get to know yourself, the better decisions you make, the richer your experiences and the more you can steer your life where you truly want it to go. Dig deep into this as it truly can make a huge difference in your life. In this hustle culture, don't forget MASTERY OF SELF - that I believe, is the ultimate life hack.

See you at the top! Ignore my crazy hair, I was just in the pool. And remember, my friends, Success is a CHOICE!



Follow Up

Don't let opportunities slip through the cracks 📧✅. A timely follow-up email can be the key to success. Stay on top of your game, and keep the conversation going!


All right, let's chat for a hot second about something we've all been guilty of neglecting, the power of the follow-up. Come on, I know I'm not alone! Ever shut off an email that, “eh, they'll get back to me if it's important!”. But let's flip the script a bit, remember that time you message a friend and they didn't reply, you felt a tad ignored, right? So here's the Golden Nugget, people today - more than ever - are crazy busy, it's not always about you - in fact, it rarely is. Sometimes things just get lost in the sauce, a follow-up isn't just a reminder for them, it's a sign that you're generally invested, it says, “hey, I value our conversation, what's up?”.

Now, practical advice time. Don't play the waiting game too long, give it a couple of days then ping them. Be cool, not clingy, a simple “hey just bringing this back to the top of your inbox”, it works wonders. Change the method, no reply to your email? Maybe a quick call, text or a DM on LinkedIn, that might actually just do the trick. At the end of the day, think of a follow-up like giving someone a gentle nudge, a little reminder that you're there, ready to keep the ball rolling. It's not about being pushy, it's about showing commitment. And hey, who knows, that one little nudge might just lead to something big.

So next time you're on the fence, remember, a follow-up can be a game changer. Stay persistent, happy hustling! And remember, my friends, Success is a CHOICE!


Prospecting for Leads

Prospecting success comes from listening and being real 🎧💼. Hear your clients' needs, be authentic in your approach, and watch relationships flourish.


So let's chat about prospecting, or as I like to call it, the treasure hunt of the business world. Ever go to a party and you're on the lookout for that one friend who's always the life of the party? Well to me, that's kind of like prospecting, but for business. It's about finding those golden clients or customers that truly vibe what you offer. Now why is it crucial? Imagine you’re on a road trip with no map, sounds adventurous but you might end up going nowhere or in circles, right? Well prospecting is that map, it guides us to people who will generally benefit from our product or service, it's not just about boosting sales but creating MEANINGFUL connections.

So here's a quick tip for you, don't just chase after anyone, be authentic. Listen more than you talk (two ears, one mouth), understand their needs, their challenges and just BE YOU and BE REAL. Maybe you can use tools like LinkedIn or customer feedback to pinpoint who might benefit the most from your product or service, Remember, it's not about selling, that's the byproduct, it's about building meaningful relationships. So next time, think about the grind of hunting for new leads, just picture it as scouting out the best party in town, it makes it so much easier!

Enjoy the journey, make some amazing connections along the way. And remember, Success is a CHOICE!


Rethinking Work Life Balance

Work-life balance? Let's rethink 🤔. Remember your 'why,' don't separate. Your personal and professional lives can complement each other. Find synergy, not boxes 🧩.


You know, I really don't agree with the whole work-life balance thing. I know it's a popular idea that's been floating around, work-life balance, and while I totally get the appeal, I mean who wouldn't want a perfectly balanced life? But there's something you need to know if you're trying to actually build an empire; three days, no shower, still at home, that's my point. Picture this, you’re at a cafe sipping on your favorite coffee and you decide to balance it perfectly on the edge of your table, sounds risky, right? Because it is! Building a business is kind of like that, there are going to be times when it feels like that coffee is about to spill, sometimes you need to pull it closer, give it more attention, maybe even take a sip.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying burn yourself out, but when you’re hustling for your dreams, balance might look a little lopsided sometimes; actually a lot of the times, and that’s okay! So here's the thing, if you’re aiming for the stars, aiming to build an empire, you've got to be laser focused. It's not about long hours but about smart passionate work, it's about diving deep when needed and also knowing when to pull back.

Okay so some practical advice:
Prioritize. Not everything that screams for your attention deserves it, this is a big one. Identify what truly matters and zoom in.

Number two, remember your why. A crazy long days, remind yourself why you're doing this. Passion can fuel you more than any caffeine boost will.

Number three, integrate don't separate. Instead of trying to box your personal life and your professional life, look for ways they can complement each other, maybe take your kids to work, I don’t know, or have business meetings during a morning jog. Whatever it is, just find a way!

Number four, self-care. It’s not selfish, it's an investment. A quick break, a hobby, even a power nap, whatever rejuvenates you, do it! It'll supercharge your empire building.

Number five, be flexible verse rigid. Plans change, adapt, pivot, evolve; if 2020 taught us anything, that's it!

Number five or six, where I’m at, surround yourself with the tribe. You need people who get up, you need people who lift you up, challenge you and maybe even out hustle you. It’s a journey and it's way more fun with the squad.

So let's wrap this up, balance is cool for both yoga and tightrope walkers, but when you’re building an empire, not so much! Embrace the beautiful chaos, the passion and the hustle, diving head first, but remember to come up for air and ALWAYS have fun doing it, that is crucial! So I would say, “let's go baby!”. And remember, Success is a



Hand Written Notes

Handwritten notes 📝 add a personal touch that's unforgettable. Whether to clients or loved ones, show you care in your own handwriting. A simple gesture, a lasting impact!


Good old pen and paper. You know, in our world of endless notifications and instant messages, there's something incredibly powerful about a handwritten note, it’s like the pause button in this fast-paced digital age.

When you take a moment to write a note by hand, you're not just putting ink on paper, you're pouring a bit of your soul, your time, and your energy into something tangible. It tells a recipient, “hey, you’re worth my time! I thought about you enough to sit down and actually write this”.

Practically speaking, a handwritten note can set you apart whether it's a thank you card or a random note of appreciation to someone in your life. It's unexpected and that's the actual superpower! My advice, keep a stack of blank cards at your desk, make it a habit to write one note a week, you can do it more often. It can be to a colleague who helped you out, a friend you haven't spoken to in a while or even a family member! Trust me, in a world of fleeting digital messages, your note will stand out and it'll actually leave a lasting impression.

So next time you want to really connect or make an impact, skip the text, grab a pen and actually write from your heart and watch the magic unfold!

Remember my friends, Success is a CHOICE!



Asking for Referrals

When asking for referrals, be specific 🎯! Know what you want, articulate it clearly, and watch your network grow 🌱. Specificity is key to success 🚀.


Be very specific and clear when asking for referrals. I was on a zoom and one of my vendors asked me, “Aaron do you know someone who does marketing?”, so that is what made me think about the need to be specific and clear when asking for referrals.

Imagine this, you're craving pizza, you don't just ask your friend, “hey do you know of any good food places?”, no you ask, “where's the best thing pizza in town?”. You're specific because you want the good stuff. Well it’s the same with business, if you're vague you'll get vague results. “Hey, know anyone who might need my services?”, well that's broad; instead try, “do you know any new startups looking for branding help?”, do you see the difference there?

So here's my quick tip, before you ask for referral, pause for a second, picture the exact person or company you'd love to (intr) be introduced to. Does that make sense? Now frame your question around that. Remember, being clear does not mean you're being pushy, it just means you value the other person's time and you know what you’re after. So next time you're after a slice of opportunity, be specific about your topping preferences. Now go make more meaningful connections. And remember, Success is a CHOICE!




Remember, taking shortcuts often leads to a longer journey 🛤️. Stay true to the path, embrace challenges, and reach your goals the right way 🏆.


Let's take a shortcut, or should we? I'm at the tennis court right now as it's fitting for my business partner who's an avid tennis player. You see, my business partner, Greg, loves to drop this gem on me, “Aaron, the shortcut is the long way in disguise”. Ouch! Now let me break that down for y’all; imagine you're hiking, you see this enticing shortcut and think, that's gonna save me some time. But halfway through, you’re face with blocked pathways, thick brush, a lost trail or maybe even a mountain lion or two. Suddenly, that quick path has turned into quite the adventure. Same with business, you might think skimming on product quality or avoiding essential market research will get you to profits faster, but when complaints roll in or sales stagnate, you'll end up spending twice the time fixing mistakes that could have been avoided. A lot of people playing today, pickle-ball, though.

So here's some practical advice:
Be patient. I know that's a tough one, but it's necessary. Always trust the process, build strong foundations. Shortcuts might seem tempting, but in the long run, they often lead to detours. Remember, it's not always about getting there fast, but getting there right.

As much as it pains me to say it, “thanks, Greg, for the daily reminder”. And just like patience, Success is a CHOICE!



Long Term Relationships

Building trust and understanding creates lasting business connections 💼🤝. Invest time and effort for long-term success and watch your network flourish!


Nurture relationships, let's dive in! As we're all very well aware in today’s world everything is instant, we have instant coffee, instant messaging, instant results. There's one thing though that still takes time, nurturing long-term business relationships, and let me tell you, it's worth every moment.

Think about your best friend, did you guys hit it off in 90 seconds? Probably not! Just like that friendships, business relationships need trust, understanding, and most of all time. It's not just about that first deal or project, it's about the 10th and the 20th and all the ones in between.

Okay, so let's talk practical now. Remember birthdays? Send “just thinking about you” emails or check in without an agenda and actually show interest and be authentic. See how you can add value without an expectation in return. And my friends, if there's a hiccup, because let's face it there will be, just face it head on, apologize if needed, fix things and make it right, it's those moments that can truly solidify trust.

Long-term relationships are the backbone of any sustainable business, they bring in consistent revenue, referrals, and let's be real, they just make the entrepreneurial journey so much more enjoyable. So next time you're in a hurry, just remember, good things like a fine wine or that 20-year friendship, they take time.

I appreciate you! And remember, Success is a CHOICE!



Be Direct

Clear and concise is the way to go in emails 📧💼.
Say goodbye to the fluff and hello to effective communication! Let's get to the point and make things happen.


What's the point? Have you ever sat through a meeting and thought, “what's the point?”, or read an email and wondered, “what do they actually want?”. We’ve all been there, but here's the thing, time is our most precious asset and dancing around the point is like throwing that time away, and I don't know about you but I think it's super frustrating.

Being direct, it's a game changer. It means saying what you mean clearly and confidently. It saves everyone's time, it reduces misunderstandings and guess what, people will actually respect you for it. So here's my quick advice, next time you’re in a meeting or you're writing that email ask yourself, “what’s my main point?”. Then just say it, start there, keep the fluff for your pillows, not for your conversations. Think of it this way, being direct is like giving someone a clear map, instead of just describing the scenery everyone reaches their destination faster and with less hassle.

All right, I think I made my point. Go out there and say what you mean, trust me, life gets a whole lot simpler. Have a great day! And remember my friends, Success is a CHOICE!



How Do You Find Your Life Goals & Passion

Discovering Life Goals & Passion! 🚀 Embrace curiosity, explore new hobbies, and trust your instincts. Follow your heart!


How do you find your life goals and passions? Life's a wild journey it’s filled with twists and turns, ups and downs, it’s actually like a roller coaster but it becomes an exhilarating ride when you’ve got purpose and you've discovered your passion, that’s the spark that guides you through life.

Finding your passion, it's a bit like a treasure hunt, you've got this beautiful blank canvas of life and you're trying to find those vibrant colors that will bring it to life, it's not always easy. For some it comes early, for others it takes time and that's perfectly okay. This isn't a race, it's actually your personal journey.

So how do you find this hidden treasure? Well it begins with curiosity and an open mind, trying new things and diving deep into the world around you. You have to actually as yourself, “what makes me tick?”, “what lights my fire?” and “what makes me lose track of time?”. And my friends, don't just focus on what you love, consider where you can actually make an impact, where your actual passions intersect with what this crazy world needs. Once you've found that golden thread, it's time to weave it into your life through your goals, but not just any goal, but rather smart goals, and smart is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. I suggest you Google smart goal and get real sense of why and how to do this. Why smart goals ultimately do is bring your dreams within reach, it makes them concrete and manageable. Let's take an example, say you discovered a passion for music and you dream of playing at like, I don’t know, a local festival, your smart goal could be master three crowd favorite songs on your guitar within the next six months. You see, that type of smart goal, it's clear, achievable and directly tied to your passion. But let's also be real, even the best laid plans, they’re going to have obstacles, that's just life. But when the going gets tough, remind yourself why you start, started this entire journey and then embrace the journey. The lessons in each stumble and the opportunities in each fall.

Life isn't just about reaching the destination, it's also about enjoying the ride. You have to celebrate your victories, whether they're big or small. Be gentle with yourself when things don't go as planned, after all, we’re human! Our lives are so much more than checking boxes off a to-do list. Remember, the future is something WE CREATE, not something that just happens.

Thanks for tuning in! Now, go out there and make your mark on the world. Keep rocking! And remember, Success is a CHOICE!



Start Bragging

Embrace the art of self-promotion 📣. Show the world what you bring to the table authentically and unapologetically. Your unique talents deserve to shine 🌟!


Hello, my friends, it's time to start bragging. You know in the world of entrepreneurship, and well life, there’s this skill we often overlook, it's the art of self-promotion. Now, don't roll your eyes just yet! I'm not talking about bragging or being obnoxious, I'm talking about showcasing what you bring to the table AUTHENTICALLY.

Think about, it if you whipped up the world's tastiest chocolate chip cookie dough wouldn’t you want folks to try it? Same thing with your talents and achievements, if you’re not sharing them, who will? You're doing this service to those who might benefit from what you actually have to offer. Sorry for the cookie dough analogy, I can't resist! I truly am addicted.

Okay, back to the actual topic at hand here. So here's a quick tip to help you in self-promotion:

Start with stories not stats. Facts tell, story sell. Instead of saying, “I increase sales by 50%”, tell the story the time you stayed up all night figuring out a strategy while sipping on your fourth cup of coffee. See, that’s relatable, it's human, and it's authentic. And remember, self-promotion it isn't about saying “I’m the best!”, it's about showing up, sharing your journey and letting others decide. After all, you never know who you might inspire or who might have an opportunity waiting just for somebody like you.

So give yourself some credit put your story out there, because if you don’t, who will? Cheers, to embracing ourselves and our journey! And remember my friends, Success is a CHOICE!



Stop Procrastinating

Don't let procrastination hold you back, entrepreneurs 🚀! Time is money, and your dreams won't wait. Start now, stay focused, and watch your business thrive 💼💥.


It's go time! Stop procrastinating and get her done! You know, as an entrepreneur I've had my fair share of “I'll do it tomorrow” moments. But let me tell you, if I waited for tomorrow every time, I wouldn't be walking or standing here right now.

Think of it like raising your kids. Imagine if every time your kid needed something whether it’s changing a diaper, a midnight feeding, or help with their homework, what if you said, “I'll do it later”, we’d have a bunch of hungry, stinky and super confused kids. Life and business, much like raising kids, won't wait. It's messy, unpredictable, but it's super rewarding when we're proactive. So here's my advice, and it is buggy out today!

Break task down. Just like teaching your kids to tie their shoes, you wouldn’t tell them, “just do it!”. No, you'd break it down step by step, similarly if you've got a big project, divided it, make it manageable. And my friends, you have to celebrate small victories, celebrate the baby steps. If your kiddo finally ate your veggies, that's a win! If you tackled one task on your to-do list, that's also a win!

Set a timer. You know I talked about the Pomodoro Technique? 25 minutes of focus work then like a five minute break. It's like the timeouts we give our kids, they're short, effective, and they come back refreshed, or at least that's the idea!

Lastly, surround yourself with go-getters. You know, the kind of friends who wouldn’t let you postpone that play date or that business idea brainstorm session. Yeah, that's right! You need to surround yourself with winners and doers.

So let's stop waiting for the perfect moment, dive in, embrace the chaos, and let's get things done. Hey, stop procrastinating! Like right now! Stop scrolling and check something off your list. You know, it's the important stuff. Do it now! Quit procras… hey! Why are you still here? Stop scrolling! Have a great day! And remember, Success is the CHOICE!



Work Hard, Make Sacrifices

Hard Work & Sacrifices! 💼💯
Embrace the grind, stay committed, and watch your dreams come to life.


You know, I was thinking about how my journey in entrepreneurship has been a series of trade-offs. It's like the saying that keeps running in my head, "great achievements are usually born of great sacrifices". Now that may sound a bit dramatic, but let me tell you, it's actually spot on.

See, there's no such thing as an overnight success. I remember personally when I had to give up those weekend parties to sit in my efficiency apartment and hustle. Yeah, it was rough but hey, that's where the magic happens. That's where our big dreams get their shape, in the wee hours when the world's sleeping and you're actually pushing your limits, that's sacrifice!

But here's the thing, it's not about being a martyr, it's about being passionate. It's about understanding that you might have to say no to some immediate gratification for something much larger, something that fills you with fire and makes you jump out of bed every single morning.

So here's my two cents for you guys, find that thing that makes you tick and when you find it invest your time heart and soul into it. You'll need to sacrifice a few Netflix binges perhaps or a few lazy Sundays. But trust me, when you finally hold that achievement you've been chasing, all those sacrifices they're totally gonna be worth it. And remember, it's a journey, and that journey is going to teach you, it's going to shape you. It's okay to feel the heat, to feel the pressure, that's your diamond in the making! You have to embrace it because nothing worth having - EVER - comes easy.

Remember, Rome, it wasn't built in a day but they were laying bricks every hour. Go ahead, lay your bricks, make your sacrifices, build your Rome! And remember, Success is a CHOICE!



Under Promise Over Deliver

🎯 Under Promise, Over Deliver! 🌟😎
Exceed expectations, build trust, and leave a lasting impression.


Under promise and over deliver. Now, what does this mean and how can we do it? Imagine you're at a party and your buddy promises to bring chips and soda, but then, boom! They rock up with an entire Gourmet Pizza Fest, how do you feel? Surprised, delighted, probably ready to invite them to every party from here on out. This is over delivering, obviously, in its simplest form. So how do we apply this in our business?

First, we have to set realistic expectations, be honest and transparent about what you can offer. Let's say you run a web design company, tell your client it'll take two weeks for the project, but internally, have a 10-day deadline.

Number two, over preparation is your best friend. Plan for problems, anticipate hurdles and then create solutions for those in advance. Being one step ahead helps you meet your deadlines with grace and calm.

Now for the fun part, surprise your clients! Deliver your work in 10 days instead of 14 and maybe add an unexpected feature they didn't ask for but would absolutely love. You've not only saved them time but also exceeded their expectations.

Voila! You're over delivering! Remember, my friends, it's about surprising and delighting your clients. It's about giving them a pizza fest when they expected chips and soda. Now go out there and deliver more than you promised, and see the magic unfold. And remember, Success is a CHOICE!



What Does it Mean to be an Entrepreneur?

👨‍💼 Embrace entrepreneurship!
Surround yourself with brilliance, learn from failures, and never stop innovating.


So, what does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Honestly, it's a bit like trying to describe a roller coaster to someone who's only ever been on a Merry-Go-Round. Being an entrepreneur isn't just about starting a business and hoping it makes bank, it's about passion, grit and being ready to weather the storm for something you genuinely, and I mean genuinely, believe in. It's about getting up every morning with the resilience to fight, innovate and hustle. And I'll tell you, it's about loving every bit of that crazy ride!

So my practical advice, surround yourself with people smarter than you, it's not too hard for me. Stay curious and embrace failure as your most honest and brutal teacher. Remember, the perfect time to start never comes. So kick off your comfort blanket, get out there and chase your dream. And hey, the world might call you crazy but remember it's the crazy ones who believe they can change the world that often do. So here's to you, future World Changers, let's shake things up! And let's shake things up together! And remember, Success is a CHOICE!



Hire for Attitude

Attitude is everything when hiring!
😄👌 Look for passion and positivity to build a winning team.


Hey everyone! You know, I've often heard people ask, "What's the secret to building a successful business?". Let me share a truth bomb with you all, it's not about the fancy degrees, the flashy tech or even a killer product, nope! It's all about the TEAM! Imagine having a rock band where everyone is trying to play the solo, that would be chaos, right? But when each member is grooving with their part, following the rhythm, making space for others, the magic happens! The same applies in business. Building a strong team is like assembling a dream band, you need the brains, you need the creatives, the planners and yes, the dreamers. They all have their unique rhythms, strengths and perspectives, but when they come together and play in harmony, they can create a beautiful symphony, or in our case, a thriving business.

So here's a practical tip for you all, hire for attitude and train for skill. Let me say that again, hire for attitude and train for skill. Look for people who can jam with your culture, who bring positivity, and most importantly who are willing to learn and grow. Remember, skills can be taught but attitude?- that's something intrinsic. And let me tell you, when you have a team that gels well, supports each other and chases a common vision, there's zero challenges - I mean none - that you can't overcome. Together as a team, you literally will be unstoppable!

Remember, your team, that's your greatest ASSET! Nurture it, value it and watch how it turns your business into a success story. It's not just about being the best in the band it's about being the BEST BAND!

Thanks for tuning in! And remember, Success is a CHOICE!



Be Consistent

🔄 Consistency is key! 💪
Stay committed, keep grinding, and watch your dreams become reality.


I want to chat with you real quick about something we often overlook, consistency. You see, consistency is not about being the best right out the gate, it's about becoming better every single day. It's actually the secret sauce that turns the average Joe into rock star performers, think about this for a minute. When you first learn to ride a bike, the first time was a disaster, right? But with consistent effort, one day you just got it. That's the power of consistency, it turns average in to excellence.

Now practical advice, let's keep this super simple today. Let's say you want to get better at sales, don't start by reading a library of sales books; start small, read a book a month, make 10 to 20 sales calls a day and build up to 100 plus, that's consistency! Excuse me, I'm about to really get stormed on here. Why is this so important? Well it's simple, if you only do something once in a blue moon, it's not gonna stick, you're not going to improve, you're not going to become excellent, it just will not happen. But if you show up, and I mean show up every single day and give your best shot no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, that's when the actual magic happens, that's when average turns into EXCELLENCE! Man, the bugs are in full force today! This is going to be my only video.

So, my friends, here's my challenge for you, find one small thing that you can do consistently every day to get you closer to your goals. Stick with it no matter what, because it's doing the little things consistently that make the biggest impact. Remember, consistency is not just about making progress, It's about becoming the best version of yourself. So let's get out there and be consistent, because that's how average turns into excellence.

Have an amazing day! And remember, Success is a CHOICE! And there's the thunder, here we go!



Importance of Prospecting

🔍 Prospecting is key to business success!🚀🔥
Unlock opportunities and achieve greatness.


Today I want to talk to you about the importance of prospecting. In this ever-changing world of Entrepreneurship, the lifeline of any business is not solely its product or service but the continuous hunt for new opportunities. I'm talking about the crucial process of always prospecting; as the saying goes, "Your pipeline is your lifeline", and let me tell you that's very true. Why, you ask? It's simple, prospecting breeds life into your business, it drives growth and Innovation, providing fresh perspectives and opportunities for learning. In a world that's evolving by the minute, maybe second, a stagnant business is a dying business. Prospecting isn't just about survival, it's about thriving, leading, and leaving a legacy.

Now, for those hungry minds, let me share some gold nuggets to help you up your prospecting game.

One, you have to identify your ideal customer. Know them inside and out, what they need, what they want, their pain points, create a vivid living profile.

Number two, you have to utilize technology leverage AI, Big Data, social media to spot trends, analyze behavior and engage your potential customers.

Three, don't esther, don't ever underestimate the power of networking. Build relationships, not just connections, attend events, share ideas, collaborate, because opportunities often come from the most unexpected conversations. One of the best trainings I ever attended, the speaker said, "YOUR NETWORK WILL DETERMINE YOUR NET WORTH", let that sink in for a minute. It's for the same reason experts say, "the five people you spend the most time with will be a reflection of your future", yikes! So be wise about that. Actually I'm going to make a video on just that topic alone, it's that important.

And number four, prospecting is a daily task, you have to dedicate time to it each day. Consistency, not intensity, is the key here. Remember, prospecting is the heart of Entrepreneurship. It's the art of seeing what others can't, seizing opportunities others won't. Embrace prospecting because every no you hear is literally one step closer to a yes that could change everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. I want to repeat, you must make time every single day for prospecting or you will never win, that's just a cold hard fact.

I hope you all have an amazing day! And remember, Success is a CHOICE!



You want to be an Entrepreneur

Ready to be an Entrepreneur? 🌟 Embrace challenges, innovate, and take the leap!


So you want to be an entrepreneur, BUT..I get it, the entrepreneurial life might seem a bit intimidating, right? But let me tell you something, it's not just a journey it's an adventure, an opportunity to discover yourself. It's literally like crafting your own story, but you're doing it one page at a time. Sure, there's going to be challenges and there will be days where you'll question your decisions, but that's where the fun is! No big rewards come without a bit of struggle. There will be sweet wins too, when you get your first customer, the moment your idea finally turns into a tangible product and the incredible feeling when you realize you're not just building a business but you're actually making an IMPACT.

But hey, let's not forget some practical advice, keep it lean and customer focused, that is key. Start small but iterate fast. And remember, it's better to have something imperfect out in the world than a perfect idea in your head, let that sink in for a minute.

Don't fear mistakes, they're the best teachers. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and for sure never ever, ever stop learning. In essence, entrepreneurship is less about business plans and metrics and more about patience and persistence so if you're ready to embrace the roller coaster, buckle up! Because it's one heck of a ride! Trust me, it's worth it! And remember, Success is a CHOICE!



Unlocking You Purpose

🔓 Unlock Your Purpose! 🔎Embrace the journey of self-discovery and follow your passion.


Hey everyone! Let's chat about unlocking your purpose, I know, sounds grand, right? But let me break it down real simple for you. First off, what makes you leap out of bed in the morning? What keeps you awake at night, brainstorming and scrubbing notes on your bedside notepad? That's the fire burning inside you, that's your passion, that's what you need to stoke every single day.

Now let's talk practical, write down your top five passions. Don't overthink it, the first thing that comes to your mind. They are usually your subconscious telling you, "What's up?".

Next, ask yourself, how can these passions help others? If your passion brings value, if it solves a problem, if it eases someone's life, you're on the right track! That's where purpose and passion intersect. Remember, you can't expect the universe to reveal everything in a day,
that'd be nice! Maybe, I don't know. It's okay to pivot, to question, to redefine, that's part of the journey. You grow, you evolve, your purpose does too. So keep going, don't worry about getting it perfect, worry about getting it GOING!

So there it is, my friends, unlocking your purpose in a nutshell. A journey, and it is a journey of exploration, courage and growth. So, go ahead! Light that fire and let your purpose shine! Because at the end of the day, it's not just about making a living, but making a life. Have an amazing day! And remember, Success is a CHOICE!



Unhappy Customers

💡👀 Embrace Unhappy Customers! Their feedback is a valuable compass for growth. 📈💪


Unhappy customers for the win! Say what? Stay with me here. Running a business isn't always smooth sailing and that's where the magic happens. The most challenging moments and our most dissatisfied customers, yeah, they're actually gifts in disguise! See, they're the ones who will give you a PhD in "Improvement Studies", sounds made up, right? But trust me, every complaint, every grievance, they have is an opportunity for us to learn adapt and make our products and services even better. Look, let's say you're running um, a coffee shop, if uh Mr. Grumpy on table five says, "your coffee tastes like dishwasher", well don't get mad or God forbid argue. Instead, use it, turn his frown into your secret weapon. Experiment with your blend, train your staff better, heck, maybe even invite Mr. Grumpy for a taste test, that would be awesome! It's easy to bask in positive feedback. But remember, the darkest corners are where you'll find your most precious gems of wisdom.

So next time a customer isn't thrilled, don't see it as failure, but a golden ticket to actually level up. Keep learning, keep growing and remember, no feedback is bad feedback, you're unhappy customers, they might actually just be the unsung heroes in your journey to success. See it's all how you frame things.

Here's to our grumpiest customers, may we meet them, maybe learn from them, and may we always, always, always keep improving. Have an amazing day, my friends! And remember, Success is a CHOICE!



Do What Lets You Have The Life You Want

Do What Lights Your Soul & Builds Your Dream Life! Pursue passions that align with your vision.


Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life. We've all heard that saying, right? Well today, I'm gonna flip it on its head. Don't necessarily do what you love, but do what lets you have the life you want. Picture this, you absolutely love playing the guitar you can strum all day, get lost in the melodies, but the moment it becomes a job you may find yourself stuck in a studio, away from your loved ones, stressed about creating the next big hit, and suddenly the love isn't so lovely, hmm!

So here's the crux, instead, identify what kind of life you want. Want more time with family? Maybe a job with flexible hours is your thing. Crave to see the world? Perhaps a role that involves travel could be up your alley. Is this starting to make sense? The idea here is to turn your passions into hobbies, something you cherish and not something that stresses you. And find work that supports this lifestyle you've outlined in your mind and what you want for your future. You can have fulfilling work that fuels the life you dream of, even if it's not necessarily your passion.

Remember, life is not just about the work we do, it's about how we live. So don't just follow your passion blindly, but follow the life you want, that's the key.

Keep it cool, keep it smart, and above all, keep it YOU! And remember, Success is a CHOICE!



Be Patient

🚀🌱 Success Takes Time: Patience is Key!
Rome wasn't built in a day.
Stay persistent, trust the process, and keep hustling!


When I first started my business I had this notion in my head that success was gonna come to me overnight like, BOOM! And I'd be a millionaire! But life, my friends, it has its own pace, a little like molasses in winter. But that's the beauty of it.

Let's think about the mighty Oak Tree just for a moment here. It starts from a tiny acorn, right? It doesn't become this magnificent giant overnight, it waits, absorbs the rain, the sunlight, the nutrients, and it grows stronger and grander. Well, we're no different. Good things indeed come to those who wait, who have the patience to let their acorns grow, to learn from their mistakes, to refine their skills, and most importantly to, enjoy the journey.

You see, your path to success, it's not a sprint, it really is a marathon. It's about persistence and resilience and patience. So my advice to you, plant your acorn, nurture it, give it time, embrace the waiting period, because that's when real growth happens. Success isn't always about velocity, but often about vision. And remember, patience isn't just about waiting, it's about keeping a good attitude while waiting. So go out there, plant your seeds, and let them grow. Good things are coming, trust me, I've been there!

Keep striving, and remember, Success is a CHOICE!



I'm Sorry

💪😌 Embrace Vulnerability: Saying "I'm Sorry" is Strength! It shows humility, growth, and respect. Apologize when needed, lead with integrity.


I'm sorry! No, I really am sorry! Okay well, today I want to discuss the "I'm sorry myth", that somehow an apology is a sign of weakness.

You see, as an entrepreneur, I've learned that saying "I'm sorry" is not a sign of weakness, but a testament to your strength and your character. Of course you have to start with empathy, understand that your actions have affected someone else. The simple phrase "I'm sorry", I believe, loses its value when it's not genuinely felt. You need to comprehend and recognize the feelings of the other person. I believe to do that, you have to avoid using IF and BUT in your apology. Saying "I'm sorry if I hurt you" or "I'm sorry but", it deludes the sincerity of your actual apology. I think it's better if you stick to "I'm sorry that I hurt you", as it acknowledges the impact of your actions without trying to diminish it.

Owning up to your mistake is a big deal, you have to learn to be accountable for your actions and don't shift blame; it's tough but it's important to show that you're not afraid of taking responsibility. This is also the first step toward ensuring you won't repeat the same mistake, or at least that's the goal. Your actions must back up your words, true, true, apologies come with the commitment to change and improve. Let your behavior communicate your sincerity, it's a real thing.

Lastly, give people space to heal. Saying sorry is just the first step, but healing might take time. Be patient and supportive during the process. Remember something, a meaningful apology can mend bridges and heal wounds. It's a testament to your character, honesty, and courage, it says more about you than about the mistake you made.

Let's all be brave enough to say, "I'm sorry", when we're wrong. Hope this helped. Have an amazing day! And remember, Success is a CHOICE!



P2 Pomodoro Technique

Master Your Time with Pomodoro Technique: Part 2 ⏳🍅

Break work into intervals, focus for 25 minutes, take a 5-min break. Repeat! Boost productivity, beat procrastination.


For part two, what the heck is the Pomodoro Technique? I'm so glad you asked, I know you've been curious. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francisco Cirillo in the late 80s, the technique is named after the Tomato shaped kitchen timer that's really used as a university student, which in Italian, means Pomodoro, ah! So I actually started this about 45 days ago, and it has really made a difference in my ability to get things done, and I was kind of curious if it was going to work.

The Pomodoro Technique is quite straightforward, here's the steps:

First, you choose a task. Pick a task you want to work on, it could be anything from studying for an exam, to cleaning your house.

Next, set a timer for 25 minutes. Traditionally, this is one Pomodoro. Dedicate this time solely to your chosen task. And listen, distractions will pop up and happen; if it does, take a second write it down, but get back to the task at hand, don't focus on it.

Number three, work on the task. Work on the task until a timer goes off. Once the timer rings, put a check mark on a piece of paper then take a short break. This is your time to relax, rest, step away from your work, grab a cup of coffee, do a quick stretch; typically these breaks are about five minutes. And then you're gonna, you're gonna continue to repeat this throughout the day. But for every four pomodoros you do, you're going to take a longer break, this could be 15 to say, 30 minutes.

Remember, the goal of the Pomodoro Technique is to reduce the impact of internal and external interruptions and increase your focus and concentration by taking regularly scheduled breaks. This will also help improve your productivity, maintain motivation while working, and I'm telling you, it's kind of crazy but it works, so now you know. And like I said in part one, remember, a productive day isn't about everything, getting everything done, it's about doing what's most important, that's what matters.

Have a productive day, my friends. Use the Pomodoro Technique, let me know what you think about it. And remember, Success is CHOICE!



P1 Pomodoro Technique

Own the Day, Own Your Life! 💪💫

No matter how rough it begins, take charge, embrace challenges, and turn it around!


Have you ever had a day that started out terrible? I don't want to complain, but have you ever had a day that started bad and by 11 am everything seemed to be even worse than when the terrible morning started? That would be today for me. So what am I gonna do about it? Because no one cares and I have to be productive regardless, you understand that feeling right? So here's how I own the day even when it starts out terrible:

First, I take a deep breath, that usually helps. A poor start doesn't define your entire day. Remember, it's okay to hit a few snags, life's a journey, it's not a sprint.

Next, put on some energizing tunes and start by decluttering your workspace. It's amazing how a cleared space can clear your mind. Once that's done, make yourself a quick checklist. It doesn't have to be an extravagant list, just outline your top three priorities for the day and don't forget each task is a mini victory.

Now fuel your body, grab a healthy snack, or make a quick smoothie, or shoot a Cuban coffee, whatever works for you. The right nutrients can rewire your mood, I think we all know that.

And then for the rest of the day commit to short breaks and deep work intervals. Work for 25 minutes then relax for five, this is called Pomodoro Technique and it's a LIFESAVER.

Lastly, be kind yourself. We all, and I mean all of us have bad morning, but you're amazing and you can still conquer the day.

Remember something, my friends, a productive day isn't about doing everything, it's about doing what's the most important. So smile and let's make the rest of the day count.

Oh, and you may be asking yourself what the heck is the Pomodoro Technique? Well, wait for part two and I will explain it, it's a GAME CHANGER!



How's Your Vision?

Own Your Vision! 🚀✨

🎯 Have Clarity, Believe, Act! 💪
Dream big, set your goals, and fearlessly pursue your dreams. The power is within you!


How's your vision? Oh, I'm not talking about your eyesight either. Let's chat about owning your vision, shall we? I'll keep it as simple as possible.

You know, our lives are like a road trip, that vision is what I'm talking about, it's your destination. You might not see the entire road, there may be bumps, detours, or rest stops along the way, but you know where you want to end up, that's your vision. To own it, you got to do three things:

First, you have to have clarity. You have to define your vision as clearly as possible. You have to write it down, sketch it, or record a voice note, keep it where you can see it daily, or listen to it; that will be your North Star.

Second, you have to believe in it, in yourself, unflinchingly. You're gonna face doubt from yourself and definitely from others. Just remember, nobody, and I mean nobody, sees the world through your lens. Your belief in your vision, that's your fuel, it keeps your engine roaring, your wheels moving!

Finally, you have to step into action. Take that first step, then another, then another. It doesn't matter if they're baby steps or giant leaps, as long as you're moving you're on the right track.

So go ahead, my friends, define your destination, fill up your belief tank, start your engines, and hit the road! Your vision is yours to own and yours to live, let's make it happen! Cheers to owning your vision! And remember, Success is a CHOICE!



Power of Meaning

Embrace Meaningful Living!

Discover the profound impact of purposeful choices. Live with intention, find fulfillment, and create a life that truly matters.


Let's talk about the power of meaning. You know, it's like a secret ingredient that adds flavor to our lives, an Invisible thread that ties everything together. Think of it as the ultimate "why" to your "what". What gets you out of bed every morning? Maybe it's your family, your job, or even that cool side project you're working on; but behind all those things is your why, your deeper sense of purpose that gives everything you do that extra boost.

Here's a quick tip to tap into your why, start by asking yourself this question, what really matters to me? Sounds easy, right? But you'd be surprised at how often we gloss over it; it could be helping others, creating art, solving complex problems, or fighting for a cause you believe in. Once you find your why, I promise you, your actions will feel more meaningful, you'll be more resilient in the face of adversity, and overall life will just taste a bit sweeter. And don't forget, our why can change over time and that's okay, and it probably will. After all, we are not static beings. So keep asking yourself that question, stay true to yourself, and let the power of meaning guide you through the twists and turns of life.

Alright, that's all from me today. Cheers everyone! Stay curious and keep seeking meaning, because that's where the real magic happens. And remember, Success is a CHOICE!



Stop the Gossip

🙊✋ Stop the gossip train!

Let's build a culture of kindness and positivity. Focus on uplifting others, not tearing them down. Spread love, not rumors.

Your words have power, so use them wisely.


Hello my friends, Aaron Bouren here! And today I want to talk about gossip. Personally, I find myself listening to it or engaging in it daily, and sometimes, I'm the instigator. Today, that stops for me. I realize the unnecessary harm and absolute waste of time gossiping is. Gossip is like wildfire it spreads fast and leaves destruction in its wake, it tarnishes reputations, fractures relationships, and it weakens the fabric of trust that actually holds us all together.

So what am I committing to as of now and what am I telling you to do as well? First, let's all promote positivity. Replace negative talk with words of encouragement, that doesn't mean, please hear me, that you're blind to the flaws in others, but choose to highlight their strengths instead. You'd be amazed how it uplifts the entire atmosphere.

Second, we need to practice the think principle before you speak. Think is an acronym, okay? So ask yourself, is what I'm about to say true, helpful, inspiring, necessary, and kind? If not, reconsider your words.

Finally, and this could be a little uncomfortable, but I am all in, and this starts NOW. Take a stand against gossip, when conversations veer toward the harmful, change the topic or express your discomfort, right? Because remember, silence can be construed as agreement.

As leaders, co-workers, and friends, let's remember (how you doing guys?), that the words we choose can either construct or destruct. Gossip might give us momentary highs but the costs it inflicts on relationships and trust is not worth it. Choose your words wisely and let's create a cultural respect, positivity, and honesty, reign supreme; at least that's what I'm committed to.

Have an amazing day! Lift somebody up today. And remember, my friends, Success is a CHOICE!



S3x, Religion & Politics

🗣️ Let's break the silence! It's time to have open and respectful conversations about s3x, politics, and religion. Embrace diversity of opinions and engage in meaningful dialogue. Understanding leads to growth. Let's bridge the gaps! ✨💬


Hello my friends, Aaron Bouren here! And today I want to chat with you about sex, politics, and religion, oh yeah! I mean why not? What could possibly go wrong with those topics? It's fascinating to me how we've adopted these unwritten rules of dinner table conversations: no sex, no politics or religion. Yet, I believe that by sweeping these provocative topics under the carpet, we might have done more harm than good. Instead of fostering, understanding, we've created echo chambers where descent is not only discouraged, it's met with hostility. I mean just look around, everyone is so easily triggered, and honestly it's embarrassing and immature of us. No wonder our kids are so confused, we adults can't even get it right!

In a world connected more than ever, we ironically are divided. The lack of constructive dialogue has brood intolerance, misunderstanding, and sadly, a whole lot of fear. We have limited our growth by avoiding difficult conversations, essentially we're sidestepping opportunities to learn from one another, respect diverse perspectives, and mature in our own thinking.

So how can we change this narrative? First, we have to be open-minded. See every conversation as an opportunity to learn, not just to argue or win. It's through understanding different viewpoints that we become more well-rounded individuals.

Second, I think we need to practice active listening. This involves more than just hearing the words someone's saying, it means trying to understand their perspective, their feelings, and their thoughts without interruption, or even judgment.

And third, express yourself respectfully. Respect the person you're conversing with and the respect their opinions, even if they're different from yours! You don't have to agree, but you do have to be polite.

Lastly, be comfortable with disagreement. As my dad used to always tell me, "it's okay to disagree, it means you're acknowledging the other person's right to their opinion even if it's vastly different from yours". Instead of tiptoeing around that elephant in the room, let's invite sex, politics, and religion to dinner. Be encouraging, and by engaging in these tough conversations we'll not only break the monotony of small talk, but also stimulate our minds, bridge our divides, and maybe, just maybe, start understanding each other a little better.

I want to repeat myself, let's bring (Whoo! Fast cars!) sex, politics, and religion back to the dinner table! Not as a cause for dispute, but as a catalyst for understanding respect and a healthy dialogue. I know that collectively, we are better than we are being right now, and
it's time we step up. Our future literally depends on our ability to have adult conversations respectfully.

I believe in us! I really do, and I want you to have an amazing day! Be respectful, but let's bring these conversations back. And remember, that it's okay to disagree. Have an amazing day, my friends! And remember, Success is a CHOICE!



Eliminate Self Doubt

Crush self-doubt and unlock your true potential! Believe in yourself, silence the inner critic, and embrace your greatness. You're capable of amazing things! 💪


Hey friends, Aaron Bouren here! Hope you're all doing great today! You know, there's this sneaky little voice in our head, you might be familiar with it, it's self-doubt! It creeps in and before you know it, you're questioning your abilities, your ideas, your worth, not cool right? But here's the thing, we have the power to show that voice the door. How? Well it's like stepping into the gym, you don't get fit overnight, but with consistency you do build strength.

So how do we deal with this?
Step one, recognize self-doubt. It's not your enemy, just a misguided friend trying to protect you. But sorry buddy, we're stepping out of our comfort zone today!

Step two, you have to challenge it. Is what you're doubting truly based on your abilities or just fear of the unknown? I would say more often than not it's the latter, so say to yourself, "thanks but no thanks, I've got this".

Step three, affirmations. Listen, we all love a good pep talk, right? Feed your mind with positive words, write them down, repeat them out loud, "I am capable, I am resilient". Don't laugh or roll your eyes, this stuff works! Really! Try it!

Step four, action! Nothing silences doubt like proving it wrong. Take small steps, make mistakes, learn, and grow. You, my friend, got this!

We are all capable, don't let doubt rob you of what could be an amazing adventure. Kick it to the curb, trust in yourself, and watch the magic happen. I believe in you! And remember, Success is a CHOICE!



Focus on What Really Matters

🎯 Stay focused on what truly matters! As an entrepreneur, prioritize your business goals and personal well-being. Find balance, chase your dreams, and make an impact. 💪


Hey everyone, Aaron Bouren here! You know I have a little secret I've learned on my journey and this one I still have to pay close attention to multiple times a day as I am still very much so a work in progress. The crazy thing is it's not some techie algorithm or groundbreaking innovation, in fact it's incredibly simple, focus on what really matters you see it's easy to get lost in the noise, right? All your emails pouring in, social media notifications, endless meetings, it's like we constantly firefighting instead of really living, let alone thriving. But here's the trick, and something I struggle with if I am not intentional about it, push pause, that's right, push pause! Take a moment, step back, and ask yourself what really matters? Sorry I think that's a little Gator right there, oh we'll just keep going. Is it the 30th email or is it your big project that will make a real impact, is it scrolling through Twitter or spending time with your loved ones, is it working another late night or taking care of your health? Remember, we're not machines, we're not designed to do it all. So pick the things that matter the most, the ones that make you feel alive, fulfilled, and let the rest fade Into the background.

So what I want to do right now is give you a quick tip; each morning jot down three things you
want to focus on for the day, they should align with your long-term goals, whether that's personal or professional. When you hit the bed at night, just check in with yourself, "Hey, Aaron! Did you focus on what really matters?". It's a small step, but hey, every journey starts with one, right?

Life is too short my friends, for us to spend it on things that don't add value to us or the world. Focus on what truly matters and watch how powerful and liberating it can be. Stay awesome! And remember my friends, Success is a CHOICE! Beautiful back there!



Don't Take it Personal

🛑 Don't take it personally! 🙅🏻 Embrace the power of detachment and let go of the unnecessary burden. Remember, it's not always about you. Spread love and positivity!


Hello my friends, Aaron Bouren here! Do you find yourself taking things personally and letting it affect you? I get it! Life can feel like an intense boxing match at times, with each interaction feeling like a jab or an uppercut. But I'm here to tell you about how we can step out of the ring and stop taking things so personally.

The first tip is to remember that people's actions and words often reflect their own state of mind, their own issues and struggles, more than they do about you, this is a tough one but it's true. It's like walking through a house of mirrors, what they project is often just their own distorted reflection, think about that for a moment. In order for you to get out of the ring you also must maintain a strong sense of self-awareness, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and values allows you to take criticism and stride because you know it doesn't define you. This is so important! It merely adds to your perspective, easy peasy you got this!

Next, you have to engage in positive self-talk, don't roll your eyes. When a negative thought takes hold of your mind, counter it with a positive one, this practice not only disarms the negativity but also fosters resilience.

And finally my friends, mindfulness and meditation can help cultivate a sense of calm and detachment. Just as a lake remains undisturbed by the pebbles thrown into it, you too can learn to experience life's ups and downs without letting them ruffle your inner peace.

So my friends, remember, it's CRUCIAL to realize we are not the center of everyone else's world. People are COMPLEX, and so are their actions. Keep your focus on what you can control ,your reactions, your mindset, your well-being.

Have an amazing day! And remember my friends, Success is a CHOICE!